Is Doggy Day Care Right For Your Dog?

Relatively speaking, "doggy day care" is a new phenomenon, and to many pet owners, it's still a somewhat bewildering idea. Doggy day care isn't right for every pet owner, and it isn't right for every dog, but it can be beneficial to many animals, especially if their owners aren't able to be home with them most days.

Certain types of dogs will benefit more from the services that the Charleston dog care professionals at My Three Dogs offer. Namely, dogs who are outgoing, playful, and need more exercise will get the most out of doggy day care services. Still, very few dogs do get the amount of exercise that they need, and you should keep in mind that that can lead to health and behavior problems, even if your dog seems well to you.

Our professionals will make sure that your dog is well-cared for, and we'll do whatever it takes to keep your pet happy while it stays with us, but here is some information to help you decide if a day care is right for your dog:

Doggy Day Care is Great for Social Dogsā€”But Not for Socializing Dogs

For dogs who like to be social, doggy day cares can be a great place to play and meet new friends, and our Charleston dog facilities are designed to encourage that. However, if you're looking to teach your dog how to be more social, this probably isn't the best place to do it. Dogs who may have a fear of other dogs, fear of aggression, or other social problems because they weren't socialized as puppies may come out of the experience with worse problems.

If your dog is past the puppy-stage of socialization doggy day care is probably not the place for it to learn these skills. If your dog loves other dogs, he or she will love our doggy day care.

Doggy Day Care is a Great Place to Get Exercise

For most dogs, even thirty minutes of intense aerobic exercise every day doesn't start to scratch the surface of their exercise needs. If your dog isn't getting the recommended exercise it needs (and especially if it's an adolescent or young adult), our Charleston doggy day care can be an excellent way for them to get great exercise while you're at work.

If your dog has socialization issues, there are other options for making sure that it gets the exercise that it needs.

If you're looking for a doggy day care in Charleston, call My Three Dogs at 843-884-8818 or complete our online application form.