Things to Consider Before Boarding Your Dog

When you're going away for an extended period of time, dog boarding may be the best option that you have when it comes to what to do with your pet. Pet sitting can easily become a very expensive option, and you don't always have a friend with whom you can trust the animal.

Dog boarding is a very convenient option, but it can also be a nerve-racking one. You need to know that your dog will be in good hands while you're away, so it's important that you choose a doggie boarding facility in Charleston that is trusted, dependable, and reputable. At My Three Dogs, we offer dog boarding services than many pet-owners have come to rely on, but we understand that you'll want to be sure that your pet will be well-cared-for before you leave him or her in our care.

Here are a few things you should consider before boarding your dog in any facility:

The Facility

Before you drop off your pet, take a preliminary visit to the facility and make sure that it's a place you're comfortable leaving your pet at. Check the site for cleanliness, take a look at the boarding area, and get a general feel for how the animals feel and behave.

At My Three Dogs, you pet will can bring with it any toys, blankets, or other comforts, and it will be treated to a clean and comfortable bedding crate with water when it's put to bed at night.

The Staff

Many dog boarding facilities were started by owners who truly love the animals, but their staff could be anyone who needed the job. Try to meet the owner and some of the staff members before you select the facility. Look for employees who are responsive to your questions, attentive to your needs, and motivated to help the animals.


Find out what sort of routine your pet will have during his or her stay at the Charleston area dog boarding facility. It's not healthy for dogs to be cooped up in a cage all day, so make sure it will have ample time to exercise.

At our facilities, your dog will be treated to a full day of roaming free, playing, or resting as it prefers under the supervision of our doggie care professionals. It will only be put into a cage when it's time for sleep.

Web Cameras

The best dog boarding facilities will be equipped with cameras that will transmit a live feed of the facility to your computer or smart phone. All of our Charleston area locations have web-cams so that you'll always be able to know that your dog is doing well and being treated with exceptional care.

If you are looking for a dog boarding service in Charleston, Summerville or Mount Pleasant then please call us today at 843-884-8818 or complete our online application.