Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Grooming

Summerville Dog Grooming

Keeping your pet happy and healthy is very important, and grooming him or her is one key part of doing that. Regular grooming sessions are very important, and the Summerville dog grooming experts at My Three Dogs can provide you with high quality grooming services that are designed specifically for your pet. Our professional Summerville Dog Groomers can help you determine how often your pet needs to be groomed, and exactly which services would be most beneficial for its health and happiness.

But even though pet grooming is an important part of keeping any animal healthy, many pet owners still look at it as an extravagant expense. If you're not familiar with the practices and procedures of pet grooming, it can be easy to dismiss their importance.

If you're a pet owner who still has questions about dog grooming, have a look at this FAQ:

What Are the Benefits of Dog Grooming?

Regular grooming services offer a number of great benefits to your pet, including:

  • It promotes the health of the dog's skin, coat, teeth, and every other part of their body.
  • It lets a professional get to know your dog's body so that they can see and feel any changes and find health problems early on.
  • It lowers you dog's stress levels and reduces their blood pressure.

All of these things contribute to the health and the happiness of your pet, and our Summerville dog grooming experts will ease your pet into these services and let them get used to used to being groomed.

How Often Should You Have Your Dog Groomed?

Different types of grooming should be done at different frequencies. The frequency of grooming services also depends on your particular dog.

  • Bathing

Unless your dog gets dirty or smelly because of some unforeseen circumstance, you'll only need to have your dog bathed once every two to four months. Bathing too frequently will dry out your pet's skin and strip natural oils from their coat.

  • Nails

Dogs' nails will grow in a curve, so if the nails get too long, it will cause their digits to splay or twist when they're walking. Ultimately, that can lead to broken fingers and toes, and if not, it will at least make your pet uncomfortable. Our Summerville dog groomers recommend have nails trimmed regularly to keep your dog feeling great.

When Should a Puppy Be Groomed for the First Time?

It's never too early to let your dog get accustomed to grooming, and we like to see puppies come in for grooming as early as eight weeks of age. These first visits will be short and simple; they'll probably entail a bath, blow-dry, nail clipping, and minimal trimming around the face. Our experts will ensure that your dog is not stressed during the process as we help him or her get used to being groomed.

If you're looking for dog grooming services in Summerville, call My Three Dogs at 843-884-8818, or complete our online application.